College launches world's first e-Sports course

The City of Liverpool College is set to deliver a ground-breaking e-Sports course that will offer emerging talent within the gaming world the chance to build a career in one of the world's fastest growing industries.

To celebrate the launch of the course, the College will host a FIFA World Cup tournament this Saturday (30 June 2018) at the College's Digitial Academy on Myrtle Street.

The event, run in partnership with leading alternative education provider, Visionary Sports Investment (VSI), will give prospective students an opportunity to find out more about the College's innovative new course as well as the chance to compete in or watch a live eSports tournament.

Students interested in starting the Level 3 e-Sports course in September will learn how to host small and large scale events for single player and multi-player Esports teams, create business plans to develop teams, create online communities and promote events through digital marketing. They will also have an opportunity to explore the culture of e-Sports, its audience and fan base, as well as the different game genres that make up the most popular ones in current times.

City of Liverpool College principal, Elaine Bowker, said: “E-Sports is a huge industry in which professional players can forge incredibly successful careers. However, so often young people are leaving education without the right skills they need to turn their talent into a business.

“Having been the first college in the country to create a dedicated digital academy offering young people coding, software development and a range of digital skills, we are proud to be delivering this innovative new course, which will equip students with the real-life practical skills they need to carve out a successful career in the Esports industry.”

E-Sports is one of the world’s fastest growing industries with this year's predicted revenues to hit £683m, up from £495m in 2017.

The FIFA World Cup tournament is FREE and runs 12-3pm on Saturday 30 June at The City of Liverpool College, Arts Centre, Myrtle Street, Liverpool L7 7JA.

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