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A Levels

The City of Liverpool College offers over 30 A-Level courses to choose from, giving you the widest choice of A- Levels in the city.

To help you decide we have identified the most popular courses required by many Universities and have created The City of Liverpool College Bundles.

Follow a subject that you are interested in, and it will lead you to a variety of ‘Bundles’ available. For example; if you like Maths but you’re not sure what else to take, then we can offer you a collection of different A- Level programmes that work well with Maths - you can choose the three best courses for you, and we’ll do the rest so Apply Now! 


What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

"I have really enjoyed the extra freedom that College allows and the additional support from teachers and learning mentors. This time around I have not been afraid to ask for extra help and I know that my confidence has grown as a result.”

Aida Alamdari succesfully achieved HER A-LEVELS AT CITY 6 WITH GRADES a,a b

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Course bundles are designed for 16 - 18 year olds only.

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