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Business Studies is much more than a subject confined to the four walls of the classroom. From every purchase you make, from every company name you hear in the news, business exist all around us, and at some point in your life, some of these businesses have convinced you to purchase their products and services. If you want to become part of this phenomenon, then an A-Level in Business Studies is the solution for you.

Whether you end up working in a small / large business, or anywhere you have to work with people, an education in Business Studies will stay with you for life.

Knowledgeable and experienced tutors at the College, both in teaching and the world of business, deliver a comprehensive, engaging insight into the world of business. If you have a hankering to start your own business, then the first AS year will cover all the decisions and considerations that you need to make in order to get your business up and running. As your business grows in the real world, so does the AS course. The second unit delves into more detail into the 4 functional areas of Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Operations.

As Business Studies is such a dynamic and real-world subject, there are plenty of subject combinations that would serve you well. Many students also follow Law, Sociology, Psychology on the Social Sciences side. The best opportunities for progression in the world of Business in the future lie in Languages. If you have a passion for Spanish or French, then the world of Business opens up even further.

There are no requirements for a Business A-Level to get into university to read Business Studies / Management; though of course, a grounding in the concepts will lead you in the right direction.

As previously mentioned, whether you end up working for a large company or not, Business Studies will help you immensely. Depending on your particular specialisms and other subject choices, Business Studies will help you on a Law, Science, Languages or Social Science path! The transferable skills learned in the Business A-Level will prepare you for the future challenges that lie ahead.

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What can I do now? To give yourself the best understanding of the world of business, ask your family members / friends / employers and businesses about their workplace, and decisions they have to make on a day to day basis.

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