A Level Chemistry

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This programme gives our students a solid grounding in foundation Chemistry. The specification introduces the chemical reactivity of atoms and molecules which provides a detailed understanding of their structures. The development and use of periodic table is examined closely and explained clearly.

The Practical Skills Assignments (PSA) part of the specification allows credit to candidates for work done in routine class practicals.

Among the number of benefits gained from studying this programme, the specification is designed to encourage students to:

• Gain hands-on practical skills and data analysis skills

• Appreciate how science works and its relevance beyond the laboratory

• Develop an enthusiasm for Chemistry

• Demonstrate a synoptic understanding

• Study Chemistry in a contemporary context

The first year is the AS year which is followed by A2 as the second year. The course is assessed in a number of ways. There are 4 exam units and 2 internally assessed units (incorporating the assessment of practical skills) spread through the 2 years.

For 16-18 year old (daytime) students, this A Level will be one of four A Levels you choose to make up a full time programme of study. You will study for a total of 18 hours per week plus one hour per week tutorial.

For people wanting to study AS in the evening, a full cost course is offered.

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