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Studying A’ Level English Language will allow you to develop your critical understanding of how language works in a range of different contexts and situations. You will also be able to apply your knowledge of English language by producing original writing of your own.

The skills developed studying English Language will enable you to shed an illuminating light on the written and spoken language that we are exposed to in our daily lives. Each day we are inundated with written, spoken and visual texts that vie for our attention – from radio and TV, advertisements and social media posts, stand-up comedy routines to obituaries. We will be able to recognise the ways in which meaning is created and, in many cases, the manipulation behind the meaning.

Students will study a variety of written texts, for instance from advertising, speeches, journalism, reviews, writing for children, biographies, narrative fiction, and even ephemeral texts such as bus tickets and chocolate wrappers. Spoken language is an integral part of the course. At A1, learners will study spoken language of the media – language produced for a mass audience. We will consider what the texts tell us about the society in which we live and we will explore the relationships between texts and contexts.

Initial study will be focused on the different components of English Language:

• Lexis and morphology (words)

• Discourse (structure)

• Grammar

• Phonology (sounds)

• Semantics and Pragmatics (meaning)

We will then move towards applying our linguistic knowledge to consideration of issues and concepts such as gender, power, occupation, politeness etc. Throughout the course, we will explore social variation of language. During the second year, we will study modules including: Language Change over Time, Twenty-first Century English, Language and Power, and Child Language Acquisition. Students will also complete a guided (although largely independent) language investigation – a research project with the core theme of Language and Identity.

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