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The new AQA A-Level Geography course is designed to give you a wide range of skills and a depth of understanding in numerous different aspects of the human and physical world, which is why it is still sought after by the top universities. While it is beneficial to have studied Geography at GCSE, it is not essential. The course may cover areas not previously studied at GCSE level and therefore students that are new to the subject are just as welcome. Put simply, if you are interested in the world around you, then Geography is a subject you should be considering.

The course allows you to:

• Build your knowledge and understanding of the world around you

• Develop fieldwork skills in both urban and physical landscapes

• Have a say in your studies, as you choose your own coursework focus and also have a say in the final module studied

• Study some of the greatest challenges around the world, from poverty to climate change

• Progress to Higher Education and employment

The first year of study covers three topics: Coasts, Changing Places and Hazards. Alongside these units, you will also complete two days of fieldwork in differing environments and gain wider geographical skills.

The second year of study covers three further topics: Water and Carbon Cycles, Global Governance and one of three options chosen by the class each year (either Urban Environments, Population and the Environment, or Resources). Alongside these units, you will also complete two further days of fieldwork and complete a 3,000-4,000 independent piece of coursework on a topic of your choice.

In June of your second year, you then sit two exams – one on the three Physical units and another on the three Human units – both of which last 150 minutes and contribute 40% each to your overall grade, with the final 20% made up by your coursework.

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