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A Level History is not about simply learning facts about the past. That would have no purpose! Instead, History is about learning why things happened the way they did and what the effect of that was. This enables you to critically assess the world around you and gives you a highly prized set of skills for a broad range of careers. Delivered by dedicated tutors at The City of Liverpool College, A-Level History gives you a solid grounding in the broad range of historical skills that you will need to progress to more specialised subjects at university. In particular, you will study two main historical periods:

• Tudor England 1485 – 1603; where you will learn how the Tudors rose to power in the Wars of the Roses, why Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic Church, and how Elizabeth I stabilised the kingdom and created the cult of the ‘Virgin Queen’.

• Weimar & Nazi Germany 1918 – 1945; where you will understand why Hitler was able to rise to power, how the Third Reich changed German society, and why ordinary Germans became involved in the carnage of World War Two and the horror of the Holocaust.

You will also complete Coursework on a historical topic/theme of your choice which covers a period of 100 years. Involving in-depth research of primary sources and secondary works, completing the Coursework will transform you from a History student into a real Historian!

History has opened the doors to many university courses and careers for our students. Universities and employers will always value the analytical and written skills that the course helps you develop. In addition, the crucial ability assess a range of evidence and build your own arguments will stand you in good stead, whether you want to study History or Politics, Sociology, Communications, Philosophy, and many other Humanities subjects at university.

If you’re interested in the course, in City of Liverpool College, or are just simply as passionate about History as we are, you can follow us on Twitter @liv_history. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a tutor then please feel free to email.

As part of the A-Level History cohort, you will have the opportunity to take part in various extra-curricular activities. We have strong links with local universities such as LJMU and Liverpool Hope and we often arrange trips to these institutions and/or arrange for a guest academic to come and give students a taste of university History. We also encourage students to contribute and maintain the course’s Twitter page.

The College is also currently examining the prospect of a course trip to Auschwitz, a powerful experience to tie in with our study of the Holocaust.

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