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Physics is the science of everything. It spans the very large (like stars and galaxies) to the very small (like atoms and things which make them up), and everything in between. It is the starting point for engineering and the discoveries made by physicists allow biologists and chemists to do their work.

You use your knowledge of physics every day, you intuitively know how objects will move and how they will behave. Physics is at the heart of what makes technology work, from simple things like the wheels on a car to complex electronic devices like your mobile phone.

It is highly valued by employers and universities, precisely because it is challenging and requires students to acquire skills in mathematics, data analysis and how to display data. The skills you will develop will help you in a wide variety of careers, from science to business and finance.

What will I study?

This programme, delivered by a dedicated team of teachers at The City of Liverpool College, gives you a solid grounding in physics. It extends the ideas you will have covered at GCSE (e.g. the physics of motion and electricity) and introduces you to new concepts such as quantum physics and materials.

Subject choices:

There are benefits to studying mathematics alongside physics. You’ll find that the two subjects complement one another, with a strong foundation in maths becoming even more important if you intend to study physics or engineering at university. In most cases, A-level mathematics is one of the entry requirements for a degree in physics. Physics works well alongside Chemistry or Biology, with Chemistry being particularly important if you’re interested in Materials Engineering or Physical Chemistry, whilst is Biology essential for professions like Biophysics, Medical Physics, Medicine or Dentistry.

What can I do now?

If you want a career physics, you should do work experience in places such as Universities, consider a Nuffield Research Placement (http://www.nuffieldfoundation.org/nuffield-research-placements) over the summer between first and second year of A-Level and industry. You should follow organisations such as the Institute of Physics, the Institute of Acoustics, and YouTube channels such as Sixty Symbols and Deep Sky Videos.

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