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Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. It is an interesting and challenging course that will help you learn about the brain, body and how they influence or are influenced by our behaviours. Psychology will also give you the opportunity to study research and design your own experiments.

This programme is delivered by experienced Psychology examiners. During the two year course, you will study: social influence – the way in which people influence each other’s behaviours, opinions and attitudes; memory – the way information is stored and lost, including eye witness testimonies; attachment – childhood relationships and their consequences; approaches – an insight into the major psychology theories; bio-psychology – the role of biology and the brain; psychopathology – causes and treatments of mental health; research methods – research studies and the analysis of data; issues and debates in psychology; gender development and disorders; schizophrenia; forensic psychology – profiling and offender behaviours.

The course is examined over 3 exams (two hours each) at the end of the two years. Exams include multiple choice questions, short questions and extended essay questions.

There are benefits to studying sociology and biology alongside psychology. You’ll find that the subjects complement one another, with a strong foundation in understanding research becoming even more important if you intend to study psychology at university. In some cases, A-level Psychology is one of the entry requirements for a degree in psychology. If you haven’t decided what else you’d like to study, you might like to choose a second or third subject to include sociology/biology alongside psychology.

This A-level course is designed to help you get to the next stage of your education or employment, and since it is a qualification in people, it is beneficial for most careers. For example, you could become a psychologist (Health; Forensic; Work; Educational; Clinical, Child) or a counsellor. Psychology is also a good qualification for working in human resources or management roles. Alternatively, psychology is great if you want a future in research.

Join the BPS (British Psychological Society) for access to research and articles; subscribe to the BPS Readers Digest for fortnightly updates about interesting new research; grab an AQA Psychology text book and enjoy flicking through the topics outlined above!

If you want a career in psychology, you should do work experience in places such as nursing homes; hospitals; schools – or email your local hospitals and ask to shadow professionals.

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