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Sociology is a diverse and interesting subject that challenges students’ perceptions of everyday life. As part of the AQA specification students will study the impact of vital social institutions such as the family, the education system and the criminal justice system on individuals and groups. Additionally, students will examine global sociology and look at the increasingly divisive relationship between the developing world and the developed world.

Sociology deals with society. It is the study of the different forces and influences that shape society as a whole and the people within it. Sociologists apply theory and method to the study of topics such as crime and deviance, family and education, to name but a few.

You are required to be keen on reading and thinking about controversial ideas, conflicting arguments and evidence. You will have to be prepared to develop your ability in essay writing. This course involves studying statistics and trends so you have to come ready to think in an analytical way.

A level Sociology is recognised by employers and universities alike as an excellent qualification showing literacy, numeracy, scientific ability and insight into human situations.

Spanning, as it does, the boundary between science and arts, it can be useful in getting into many higher education courses from medicine to philosophy and literature. It is also an asset in business, management, education and many other fields of employment requiring an understanding of human relationships and experience.

For 16-18 year old (daytime) students, this A Level will be one of three A Levels you choose to make up a full time programme of study. You will study for a total of 18 hours per week plus one hour per week tutorial.

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