AAT Accounting Level 3 Advanced Diploma

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The aim of this qualification is to enhance the skills developed at the Introductory Certificate Level. You will cover accounts for sole traders and partnerships, indirect taxation management, and master more complex financial processes, including final accounting, professional ethics and spreadsheets.

The qualification provides candidates with a high quality, nationally recognised qualification. This is a vocationally related, credit based qualification that provides a valuable opportunity for individuals to develop skills, gain underpinning knowledge and understanding and provide progression in the accounting and finance sectors.

It can be a standalone qualification or a vehicle for progression to the AAT Level Four Professional Diploma.

This course is designed for students who are 19 years or older and is suited for:

• Those students who have successfully completed the Level Two Certificate in Accounting

• Learners who would like to become a graduate member of the AAT and progress to the Level Four

Professional Diploma in Accounting.

Once you have enrolled on the course it is essential that you continue your membership with the AAT so that you can sit the AAT on-line assessments and access study resources.

Course Content:

• Advanced Bookkeeping

• Final Accounts Preparation

• Management Accounting: Costing

• Indirect Taxation

• Spreadsheets for Accountants

• Ethics for Accountants

There are six online assessments including a synoptic test for the qualification which students need to secure a competent outcome in each.

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