AM2 Full 3 day assessment

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The AM2 assessment consists of practical assessments and a short online element, the exercises include installation, inspection and testing and fault-finding. The work must comply with the current IEE Wiring Regulations and takes 16.5 hours over 3 days to complete including all assessments.

This three day industry recognised trade test is controlled and certified by NET (National Electrotechnical Training). The AM2 Assessment is the final practical assessment taken by electrical installation trainees in order to demonstrate their occupational competence in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The assessment is a formal unit of the Electrotechnical Apprenticeship and NVQ Level Diploma 3 qualification. (NET) is the independent, registered UK charity for the electrical installation industry, which owns and licences the AM2 and FICA, formally known as the industry’s Assessment Occupational Competence (AOC).

Completion of the AM2 assessment can be used to satisfy industry requirements for grading membership of Joint Industry Board (JIB) and or similar quality control and industry recognised organisations.

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