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The AM2 Refresher assessment is a preparation and revision course and is only for those individuals who have booked or are looking to book their AM2 Assessment. If you complete the NET ‘Candidate Self-Assessment checklist’ you will soon discover whether or not you are a suitable candidate for this refresher course.

This 1 day course has been designed to enhance a candidates existing practical skills and underpinning knowledge prior to undertaking the AM2 test.

Do I need the Refresher Course?

It may be that some of you have an abundance of experience across all of the key occupational areas in which case it may not be essential for you to undertake this AM2 refresher course.

It may be that from completing the checklist that there are areas you have identified yourself as being under prepared in, in which case the refresher training is ideal.

It must be noted that this is a 1 day refresher course and is therefore not suitable for those who do not already possess the basic underpinning knowledge skills and practical skills specified in the NET checklist.

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