Applied Science (Biology), Higher National Diploma (HND) Top Up

Apply for Applied Science (Biology), Higher National Diploma (HND) Top Up ...

The subject of Biology encompasses studies from the atomic to the planetary – or even extra-terrestrial scale. As such you may be reluctant, at an early stage in your biological career, to limit your studies to a narrow field. The HND level 5 qualification provides an excellent grounding in the key concepts and practical skills required for progressing onto further studies, such as a BSc,

or into employment.

The modules covered on this course offer a wide variety of subjects extending from molecular and cellular biology to biodiversity and cover all of the five kingdoms. With an emphasis on taught

modules, delivered through a diverse range of methods that reflect the diversity of learners’ needs and a high level of practical work, you will develop your technical, numerical and analytical skills.

You will study the following eight modules:

• Project for Applied Science

• Applied Genetics of Industry

• Agriculture and Medicine

• Statistics for Experimental Design

• Medical Microbiology

• Neurophysiology in Homeostatic Control of Human Body

• The Immune Response System

• Food Molecule Additives and their Role.

Special Features:- Within the scheme, there is opportunity for students to attain a level of professional practice. Strong links with industrial laboratories facilitate industry-related briefs and real scenarios that provide an opportunity for students to acquire professional work ethics, time planning skills and working within a professional science team. Learning is supported through a series of contextual visits.

Skills and Knowledge Developed:-

The programme aims to:

• Provide the appropriate knowledge and understanding required for the practice of biological science in the workplace

• Deliver the professional and practical skills and competencies which are required to gain employment within the science industry

• Develop technical, analytical, mathematical and evaluative skills

• Develop skills in communication, team work, problem solving and ITC

• Develop student’s self-awareness and self- evaluation, with the emphasis on health and safety in the workplace environment

• Develop students as reflective practitioners, with an understanding of the need for commitment to lifelong learning

• Provide a suitable basis for the progression to level 6.

NB: This course will only run when there is sufficient numbers.

All information about your course including the programme structure, entry requirements, fees and teaching & assessment methods is made available to you via the prospectus.

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