Art & Design 19+ UAL Level 2 Diploma

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This exciting programme is a full level 2 qualification designed for those aged 19+ who wish to gain an accredited qualification and to progress to higher level education within the art & design field.

The course provides an introduction to art & design including drawing and painting, ceramics, 3D design and surface pattern. Students will explore the skills and knowledge underpinning all art & design work.

On the Level 2 course we understand that you are passionate about art and that you have come to us in the hope of seeing those passions grow. On our course, you will be surrounded by likeminded people from all walks of life. We live, sleep and breath art because we understand that art reflects life. We are experts in our field of study and we understand that art is not just about drawing nice pictures; it’s about improving your observational skills, learning to expand your thinking, analysing and tackling difficult issues, establishing your own creative confidence and expanding on your technical ability. Our primary focus is your creative evolution and we create safe, productive environments that actively promote equality and diversity so that you feel comfortable questioning, learning and being who you are without fear of judgement or discrimination. Your assignment themes will reflect our values and issues in the world at large. Each assignment is structured to follow the ‘Design Process’ (research gathering, creative experimentation, development of media/techniques, ending in design and creating a final piece e.g. a painting, sculpture, drawing etc).

What will I learn?

You will gain a Level 2 qualification (equivalent to 4 GCSE’s).

You will learn how to analyse art and related issues.

You will learn how to evaluate materials, techniques and processes.

You will learn how to document process appropriately.

You will have the access to specialist workshops and tools.

You will expand the vocabulary and have the chance to foster critical discussion/debate.

You will experience working independently and have the opportunity to work in groups on project work.

You will build on your time management skills.

You will increase your experience of working to a deadline.

You will be responsible for managing a busy workload.

You will have access to employers and work experience opportunities.

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