Barista Skills, Level 2 Award

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The Level 2 award in Barista Skills will suit you if you want to gain a qualification in this area. You may be working in a hospitality environment already, such as a cafĂ©, hotel or restaurant, or looking for your first job as a barista. This qualification provides learners with specialist skills and knowledge in one of the major growth areas of the hospitality industry – the beverage sector.

The unit is aimed at all first line operatives where coffee is served – this includes coffee bars, coffee houses, cafes, hotels and restaurants. Learners will be introduced to the full range of products used in making beverages. They will learn where the products come from, and some of the processes they go through from growing to the final drink. They will also learn the importance of taking care of the products in order to provide an excellent final result.

The course also looks at the full range of equipment, identifies safety aspects and how to operate the equipment to deliver the desired drink quality. Candidates will bring together the knowledge and skills acquired to produce good quality drinks consistently. Candidates will be able to identify and correct problems as they arise.

At the end of the course, you will:

– be able to demonstrate product knowledge

– be able to clean and check equipment

– be able to display drink building techniques

– be able to serve customers

– describe the origin and flavour of products and ingredients

– describe the processes involved in bringing the products to market

– explain how processes may affect the quality of products and ingredients

– compare characteristics of products

– describe how to store and handle products and ingredients