Business (QCF) 90 Credit/Extended Level 3 Diploma

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Business (QCF) 90 Credit/Extended Level 3 Diploma

Course Content

This course is made up of the 90 Credit and the Extended Level 3 and is delivered over two years. In the first year you will study the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 90-credit Diploma in Business which consists of four mandatory units plus 6 optional units that provide for a combined total of 90 credits. In the second year you will go onto the BTEC Extended Diploma in Business, where you will study a further 9 units, which will qualify students to apply to higher education, to obtain employment in a business organisation, or to start their own business.

The course is aimed at students between 16 and 18, and it has been designed to develop knowledge and understanding of the world of business. The course will provide opportunities for students to gain a nationally recognised qualification, which will facilitate entry into employment or progress to other vocational qualifications.

Year One:-

BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma in Business (QCF)

Students will gain knowledge and develop skills, which help them to meet the needs of the business sector. Business employers value employees who are able to communicate effectively both verbally and using electronic communication methods. The BTEC qualifications in Business provide opportunities for learners to develop their communication skills as they progress through the course. This can be both through presentations and discussions in which they have the opportunity to express their opinions. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and achievement, taking into account industry standards for behaviour and performance.

The course will include mandatory and optional units.

Mandatory units:-

1. The Business Environment

2. Business Resources

3. Introduction to Marketing

4. Business Communication

Optional Units:-

The course team will select a number of optional units. Units such as Business Accounting, Creative Product Promotion, Aspects of Contracts and Business Law, Fashion, Starting a Small Business, Business Markets and the Economy are just some of the options to choose from (units are subject to change).

Year 2:-

BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business (QCF)

The second year of the course can only be done once the 90 Credit has been completed either the year before at the college or at another training provider. The Extended Diploma is made up of 9 optional units that will be decided by the course team.

Some of these units could be Business Accounting, Accounting Systems, Creative Product Promotion, Recruitment and Selection in Business, Development Planning for a Career in Business, Human Resource Management, Developing Teams in Business, Aspects of Contracts and Business Law. These are just a small selection of optional units on offer (units are subject to change).

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