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The BTEC Diploma in Business Level 3 (formerly known as BTEC National Certificate in Business) is a 2-year programme, aimed at 16-18. It is directed to give students a thorough knowledge of the business world together with vital business skills demanded by all major employers. The course includes 4 core units and 8 specialist units taught over a two year period.

Successful completion of the first year of the course will allow students to receive the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Business Level 3 qualification. They will progress onto the second year to aspire to the full BTEC Diploma in Business Level 3. Progression onto the second year will be at the discretion of the course leader subject to performance and level of attendance during the first year of the course. The course complies with the new Qualification Credit Framework.


The Business Environment

Business Resources

Introduction to Marketing

Business Communication


The course team will select eight units from a bank of 37 on the basis of meeting the objective of preparing students for work, academic progression and/or starting their own business. Thus, units such as Starting a Small Business, Developing Teams in Business, Business Ethics, Business and the Economic Environment, Human Resource Management, Development Planning for a Career in Business and Business Accounting will be considered when structuring the course. Specialist units may change.

In addition, there is an option for students to complete a Level 3 Diploma in Financial Studies (ifs course), which can provide up to 120 UCAS points over 2 years. This qualification will enhance the opportunities to progress onto higher education and/or to a career in financial services.

All students will also be required to attend any provision created by the course team to improve the levels of English and Mathematics.

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