Carpentry & Joinery Level 1 Diploma

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This level 1 programme is a great way to start your career. It enables you to develop the skills and confidence to progress in college and into work. You will develop a wide range of skills in your chosen subject area as well as gaining qualifications in English, maths and ICT.

The course gives you the opportunity to study a range of carpentry and joinery skills and help you progress through the other levels of training offered within carpentry and joinery. You will be assessed for your English and maths and work at the level that is right for you. If you enjoy using your hands, have good hand and eye co-ordination and enjoy being part of a team then a carpenter or joiner could be the ideal role for you. Site carpentry and joinery will involve fitting windows, doors, skirting boards etc on a construction site. It’s a skilled job that utilises special tools, and often involves many different kinds of wood. You will need to develop your maths as you will be calculating angles and measurements.

Subjects you will study include the following woodwork units:

• Handle and Store Resources

• Contribute to Work Relationships

• Contribute to Providing Working Platforms

• Preparation and Use of Portable Power Tools

• Maintenance and Use of Woodworking Power Tools

• Use Basic Wood Jointing Techniques

• English

• Maths

• Personal Social Development

You will have a personal tutor and a weekly tutorial

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