Carpentry & Joinery Site Construction Diploma Level 2

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Timber has been used for thousands of years, and it’s still an important construction material. It is used throughout the industry, and working with it can be extremely varied and rewarding.

Overall, woodworkers will need to enjoy using their hands, as well as a variety of both hand and power tools. Good hand-eye co-ordination is essential, as are accurate measuring skills.

Organisation and team working skills are also important. And with jobs being carried out both inside and out, there’s the added advantage of variety to the work.

A building isn’t all about bricks and mortar. Timber is an essential part of just about every structure, and it’s the carpenter and joiner’s job to prepare it and put it into place on a construction site. It’s a skilled job that utilises special tools,and often involves many different kinds of wood.

If you enjoy using your hands, have good hand and eye co-ordination and enjoy being part of a team then a carpenter or joiner could be the ideal role for you. You’ll need to be good at maths as you’ll be calculating angles and measurements.

This full level 2 course is aimed at students who have a relevant level 1 qualification or who are 19 or over. It enables the prospective students to identify an entry route into their chosen trade area. The course is suitable for mature students or those with some experience in their chosen trade. The courses consist of practical tasks and theory assignments. The actual content of the course can be obtained from the relative staff member as given below.

The course allows unemployed students to gain a Construction Diploma Level 2 which is the underpinning knowledge of NVQ 2.

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