Childcare and Education (Early Years Educator) VRQ Diploma

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This qualification has been designed for learners who want to work in early years childcare education. It also enables learners who wish to progress to Higher Education to study the certificate alongside another qualification in a different subject area.

What does the qualification cover?

This certificate is comprised of eight mandatory units which cover the following key subject areas:

1. Child development from conception to seven years

2. Children’s health and well-being

3. Providing safe environments for children

4. Child health

5. Play and learning

6. Children’s additional needs

7. Observation, assessment and planning

8. A Competence-based Professional Practice Portfolio covering the above areas.

The Certificate is part of a suite of qualifications (Award, Certificate and Diploma in Childcare and Education).

The Certificate provides learners with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills within early years childcare and education in preparation for progression to the Diploma. It also enables learners to progress to Higher Education (if studied alongside another qualification). Additionally, it provides achievement for learners who are unable to compete with the Diploma.

If you are aged over 24, this course is 24+ Learning Loan eligible which can fully cover the course fee. For the academic year 15/16 this course costs for aged 24 and over £2,882 and is subject to change depending on your age and the academic year.

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