Combi Boiler Fault Finding Course

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This course is designed to provide installers and engineers with a broad understanding of how domestic combination boilers function and operate. It will enable operatives to obtain recognised Commissioning, Servicing, Fault Finding and Repair skills from experienced trainers in a ‘Practical’ environment.

A significant amount of the course involves the use of Electrical testing and checking of components using Multi-meters and Voltage Indicators. The Training is carried out on a Wide range of installed, fully operational boilers and covers:

• Condensing and Combination Boilers-Types, operating principles and main components

• Functional Flow, Sequential Operation of Boiler operation and components

• Correct use of multi-meters and voltage indicators

• Testing Continuity of circuits

• Compulsory Electrical Safety Checks (polarity-earth continuity-short circuit)

• Logical Fault Finding Procedures, Component Checks and Testing

• Fault Diagnosis and Rectification (hands-on)

• Component Exchange/Replacement (hands-on)

• Re-Commissioning procedures

• Servicing and Maintenance procedures

This is a full cost course at £390.00 (including exam fees). This course is available on request, please contact Janet Hilton on 0151 252 4734 to arrange. Payment can be made in advance by selecting the next available date.