Concept Art, Level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma

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Our UAL Level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma in Concept Art is a 2-year Art and Design course that offers a different approach and set of skills than other art courses at the college.

This course is ultimately for people who are interested in art, illustration (for character design), games, movies, and CGI. Learning the principles and methods of art and design is paramount throughout this course; with the fundamentals of academic drawing, visual languages, research techniques, ideas generation, 2D & 3D design and basic animation skills being taught during year 1. Your final major project will be written by you with the help of your tutors and will result in your final grade for the first year (Diploma). All our students work in sketchbooks as well as digitally on this course. Your projects will be practical, work-related and fast paced. All software/hardware is demonstrated in sessions, prior knowledge of Photoshop (or other software) is beneficial but not essential. All our resources for learning are made available on our course VLE area so you can practice skills at home too. All projects are continually assessed.

In year 2 you will learn cutting edge, industry standard skills by completing larger, more demanding projects that are based on realistic workplace situations, scenarios, activities and demands. These projects encourage you to develop your own styles, interests and skills to consider your specialism and future direction. As well as learning about the employment area you have chosen, you will develop the skills you need to progress to either seek employment or progress on to University. The course runs for two years full time and is the equivalent to three A-Levels. The course has been written and developed for students interested in becoming Concept Artists in the gaming industry (and/or movie industry).

What will I learn?

You will gain a valuable insight into the world of a Concept Artist, which will include: Research into artists/designers working in the industry, sketching and visualising skills, art and design practice, anatomy (creatures and humans), location drawing, life drawing, ideas generation, sourcing your own images, educational visits (Chester Zoo – Leeds Armoury, Art Galleries, Museums, others TBC). Digital drawing/painting (Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator), 3D modelling (MAYA), 3D sculpting (Z-BRUSH), character rigging and animation. When possible you will be completing ‘live’ briefs set by local studios. The course aims to help you to build a professional portfolio (digital and print based) and to develop your skills in the latest industry standard software.

This course is Advanced Learning Loan eligible, which can fully cover the course fee.

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