Construction and the Built Environment (Civil Engineering), Higher National Certificate (HNC)

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Our HNC in Civil Engineering is designed to help students develop a range of skills, techniques, personal qualities and attributes essential for successful performance in working as individual and team member and thereby enabling students to make an immediate contribution to the employment at the appropriate professional level within the construction and construction engineering industry. Demand for this programme has been received from existing Level 3 Diploma students who are requiring the articulate progression route and skills in the identified areas. Also, we can see the gap of demand from employer and shortage provision from other providers.

Skills and Knowledge Development: This course develops and expands on work covered during the Level 3 course. The programme includes a mixture of core subjects and specialist subjects developing technical, management and interpersonal skills. The HNC course will help you to develop a sound understanding of the leadership roles in management, and gain the underpinning knowledge and understanding of the regulatory, technological, social, legal and economic aspects of construction management. They will prepare you for a higher technician role within the construction management sector of the construction industry

Teaching Methods: The knowledge and skills acquired on the programme will link directly to the vocational context and will diversify into a range of skills required by the civil engineering sector. These will include (but are not exclusive to) project based group and individual design project. Teaching and Learning methods will include formal lectures, seminars and self study/research which will underpin the knowledge of civil engineering. There are surveying exercises and also group work, designed to provide experience of working in all disciplines within the construction industry.

The course consists of the following modules (Although there may be some changes before you start your course).: Design Principles and Application for Construction and the Built Environment, Science and Materials for Construction and the Built Environment, Applied Mathematics for Construction and the Built Environment, Group Project in the Construction Industry, Site Surveying Procedures for Construction and the Built Environment, Engineering Geology and Soil Mechanics, Civil Engineering Technology and Structural Analysis and Design.

Assessment Methods: The programme is assessed through the submission of written essays, reports and a series of project based practical assessments. Formative feedback will support student progression in both written work and practical outcomes. Self and peer assessment will be an essential element of all projects and the feedback from these will enhance student achievement and progression. The programme allows 120 credits at each level.

Please note: this course will only run when it has a sufficient number of applicants.

Further information about this course can be obtained from Ian Williams, Course Team Leader on 0151 252 4722 or

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