Counselling, Level 3 Certificate

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The ultimate aim of the qualification is the improved performance of those who use counselling skills. It is intended that learners be given the opportunity to develop a range of counselling skills and skills in self-awareness and self-assessment. These skills will be more effectively developed through a process which encourages learners to assume an active responsibility for their own learning and which enables them to establish principles and good practice from a shared analysis with fellow learners and staff of experiences on the course and related experiences.

The ABC Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills aims to:

– develop a repertoire of counselling skills at a consistent level

– underpin these skills with an understanding of one major therapeutic model

– increase the self-awareness of the person and their awareness of the impact that they have on people

These qualifications are designed for those learners who:

– seek the course as an entrance to their training to become a qualified professional counsellor

-wish to acquire a repertoire of counselling skills for use in other work areas, and who have no wish to become a professional counsellor, e.g. nurses, social workers and teachers.

Assessment will be through an internal portfolio and written assessments.

Modules studied will include:

– Understanding the context for the use of counselling skills

– Understanding counselling theory

– Using counselling skills

– Personal development for users of counselling skills