Creative Media Production (Game Development), Higher National Diploma (HND) Top Up

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The Higher National Diploma course is a top up year created to give HNC students the opportunity to study further at Level 5. This year focuses on building and developing students’ ability to carry out work at close to degree level. Students are exposed to projects that demand higher levels of analysis and response and are encouraged to collaborate with other HE students and courses as part of their studies.

The HND widens the students understanding of the context within which games can operate, function and thrive. You will learn about coding via units in, Scripting for Games, Advanced Game Development Studies, Advanced Rendering and Visualisation, Advanced Animation and Emerging Technologies as part of your studies. All these studies will enhance your personal professional development, giving you the opportunity to leave the course with a high quality digital portfolio and a strong set of employable skills.

• High specification i7 PC’s, 1080 Graphics cards, 32 GB RAM

• A full suite of Cintiq 27inch UHD Interactive Pen Displays

• Course designed and developed focusing on the current industry (working) pipelines. Maya, ZBrush, Substance suite, Adobe CC suite

• Predominantly practical, computer based delivery of modules

• A highly focused course for an exciting, dynamic and ever growing industry.

Skills and Knowledge Developed:

This course gives students a choice of ‘fast tracking’ into a career in Level Design with a view to applying for a top-up degree qualification following completion of the course.

This course aims to equip students with the creative and technical skills, experience and expertise to challenge for studio positions in a competitive market. Industry standard software and skills will be taught throughout the course with a strong emphasis on ‘live’ projects, national competitions, freelance skills, game jam events and collaborations with local industry.

Special Features:

Within the scheme there will be opportunity for the learners to attain a level of professional practice by liaising with and collaborating with local industry. Strong links to the creative industries will facilitate industry-related briefs and real scenarios that provide an opportunity for students to acquire professional work ethics, time planning skills and working within a design team. Learning is supported through a series of contextual visits in London and Paris, Barcelona or Berlin (TBC).

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