Digital and Computing Technologies Level 1 Diploma

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Designed for students, who wish to develop skills and start a career in the ever growing Digital Market. This course is a superb platform to start your journey into Creative Digital Media as you will create sound, video, animation and web design products, learn to use and maintain digital equipment and support communication online. The subjects taught will help you develop a wide range of creative technical skills while supporting you in English and Maths. The course is suitable for both 16-18 and 19+.

The course will open up doors to many career options for the future whether you want to go on to work for a local or global business as creative and digital specialist or technical support expert. Businesses need creative and energetic individuals who enjoy using the internet, writing blogs, sharing ideas, creating conversations and following online communities or setting trends. This is an exciting course to begin your digital career.

Units you will cover:

• Working with audio and graphics software

• Create, manage and update social media using creative technology

• Create and maintain web sites for different audiences

• Use of video & presentation techniques to support business

• Design graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Flickr

• Learn and use uptodate technology to support business functions

• IT software fundamentals

• Learn to plan, create and execute creative work online

• Work placement / experience opportunity

The course will have a strong focus on supporting English and Maths Functional Skills.