Digital Art (Wacom), Introduction to

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Learn industry based digital skills in a state-of-the-art facility, develop your digital drawing and painting skills and experience in this exciting 10 week programme.

Digital Art/Drawing/Painting is on the rise both with amateur fan artists and professionals alike. This course will introduce you to all the basic thinking and observation skills you will need to develop your techniques and further your interests in the field. Following this course you could apply for more advanced courses having learned all the basics.

Learn how to effectively use sketching tools and techniques.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting on screen; how it differs from traditional paper based techniques and how to develop your understanding of what is possible once you ‘go digital.’ By the end of the course, you will have experienced a number of techniques, drawing systems, approaches to making artwork along with a better understanding of professional design workflows.

Learn how to master the basics of digital painting techniques in various software.

You will be taught the fundamentals of digital painting in Adobe Photoshop CC 2016. Alongside this you will learn some vector graphic basics in Adobe Illustrator CC 2016, Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro for natural media tools and custom brushes, Perspective tools to enhance your artwork and composition, access to the complete digital ‘Copic Marker’ library for illustration work, Mandala geometric design workflows, currently popular in tattoo design. Near the end of the course you will also be introduced to working in 3D digital clay using Zbrush software.

Develop and share your artwork online

The course will culminate in you building and publishing your own portfolio website using free online tools.

Learn on industry standard cutting-edge Hardware.

The course will start from scratch! The only requirement is that you enjoy drawing and are interested in learning new skills. Some previous drawing skills or abilities are beneficial but not essential. You will be set loose on beautiful Wacom Cintiq 27UHD Graphics displays powered by our brand new powerful Intel i7 Alienware PC’s.

This Digital Art course is for absolute beginners who are interested in drawing, designing, painting and possibly interested in learning more about 3D artwork too.

• No digital drawing experience required (an interest is vital).

• No previous 3D or website design skills required.

What will I learn?

Develop a real feel for digital drawing and painting skills.

Be exposed to various cutting edge software and practices.

Develop strong skills in various drawing techniques.

Be creative and be around other creative people.

Learn how to present and share your work online.

Possibly consider further courses or a change in career.

• Drawing skills (an introduction to digital workflows)

• The Pros and Cons of Traditional v Digital Art production

• Colour Theories and how to apply them to your Artwork

• Raster and Vector graphics (the differences)

• Using and controlling Perspective in your artwork

• Developing Digital painting skills

• Adobe Photoshop Painting and Lighting Effects

• Autodesk Sketchbook Pro – a beginners course.

• Natural media and custom brushes.

• Access to a short course VLE page (whilst enrolled)

• Web folio construction and publishing

• Final digital exhibition, celebration, networking.