Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Higher National Certificate/Diploma

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This course will develop students as professional, self-reflecting individuals who are able to meet the demands

of employers in the rapidly evolving engineering sector and adapt to a constantly changing world.

The qualification also aims to widen access to higher education and enhance the career prospects to those who

undertake it.

Specific units for Electrical/Electronic programme are as follows:

-Mandatory Core Units: Engineering Design; Engineering Maths; Engineering Science; Managing a Professional

Engineering Project.

-Mandatory Specialist Units: Electrical and Electronic Principles.

-Optional Units: Automation; Robotics and PLC; Digital Principles; Electronic Circuits and Devices.

The HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Top-Up) provides an opportunity to extend an existing HNC

qualification to a higher level with study of more in depth specialist units. It is a specialist work-related

programme of study that covers the key knowledge, understanding and practical skills required in the electrical

and electronic engineering sector and also offers particular specialist emphasis through the choice of specialist

units, such as: digital and analogue devices; electrical and electronic principles; microcontrollers;

instrumentation and control; electronic principles; research project; telecommunication principles; and control

systems and automation.

Teaching Methods:

Analysis and problem solving skills are developed through coursework and laboratory/workshop activities.

Practical, research and design skills are developed through coursework, assignments and laboratory/workshop


Assessment Methods:

This programme is assessed using a combination of internally assessed, centre-devised internal assignments

(set and marked by centres), and internally assessed, Pearson-set assignments (which are set by Pearson and

marked by centres).

Pearson-set assignments are mandatory and target particular industry-specific skills.

Please note: this course will only run when it has a sufficient number of applicants.

All information about your course including the programme structure, entry requirements, fees and teaching & assessment methods is made available to you via the prospectus.

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