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FREE English courses!

The City of Liverpool College offers free functional skills courses in English to help you develop the skills and confidence you need to progress into education or get the job you want. Even if you just want to help your children with their homework or manage your household budget, this free course can equip you with the practical skills needed. There is a choice of courses on offer with nationally recognised qualifications. With a number of Higher Educational establishments now accepting Functional Skills for progression onto a degree programme, these courses can offer a real alternative to GCSE’s for students who are 19+. (Although, please check with your chosen University first as many still require GCSE.) These courses are offered at various times throughout the year, at a number of the college centres including Clarence Street (L3 5TP), Vauxhall Road (L3 6BN) or Duke Street (L1 5BG) dependent on availability.

For further information, please call the College Information Line on 0151 252 3000 or apply online at www.liv-coll.ac.uk.

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