Extended Project Qualification

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The EPQ is a qualification designed to extend your skills beyond A level. It allows for more depth, greater breadth and a wider range of exploration. It was written with universities to ensure students started in higher education with essential skills.

To begin your journey, consider the following questions.

• What would you like to know more about?

• What skills would you like to develop?

• What interests do you have?

• What are your career plans?

Your tutor will guide you throughout the course and help you to select one of four options:

P301 Dissertation 5000-6000 words

P302 Investigation 4000-5000 words

P303 Performance 1500-3000 words

P304 Artefact 1500-3000 words

Which will suit me?

• Dissertation – a theoretical written project, on any topic presenting an argument, eg a literary, biological, psychological or environmental issue

• Investigation – a practical investigatory project, involving the collection of data, eg. a scientific investigation, a geographical study of erosion, statistical study of birth rates, analysis of language in the news

• Performance – development of practical skills resulting in a performance, eg. performing a piece of music, a drama or in a sporting event

• Artefact – producing a sequence of paintings on a theme or a single sculpture (working to a design brief), constructing a piece of furniture or garment, creating a website, solving an engineering problem

For students who are interested in or require experience in research and writing, this is a good choice for a 4th subject option.

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