Food and Beverage Services Supervision, Level 3 Diploma

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This qualification is aimed at 16 year olds and over who wish to gain employment in the hospitality sector as a Food & Beverage Supervisor.

The course will provide you with a good understanding of a food and beverage supervisor’s role. It provides the depth of knowledge and understanding required to run the front of house service in different operations such as restaurant, bistro and brasserie, bar, restaurant reception and specialist events.

You will develop both the hard and soft skills that will allow you to work within a variety of establishments and settings including hotels, restaurants, cafes, and specialist events catering or to run or manage your own restaurant.

By undertaking this qualification you will gain the skills and techniques required to supervise a team, manage hospitality events and deliver a high level of service to guests/customers.

The course will enable you to learn, develop and practice the skills required for employment and/or career progression in the food and beverage/front of house sector. The course covers all aspects of food and beverage service supervision, and will deliver the key skills required by the learner to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the role and expectations that any future employer will expect of them. The units that will be covered as part of this qualification include:-

Unit 213 Barista skills 13

Unit 301 Principles of supervising food and beverage services 18

Unit 302 The principles of food safety supervision for catering 21

Unit 303 Principles of promoting food and beverage services and products 27

Unit 304 Principles of supervising customer service performance in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism 32

Unit 305 Supervise food and beverage service 36

Unit 306 Legislation in food and beverage service 39

Unit 307 Carve, fillet, joint and serve food in a food service area 41

Unit 308 Prepare, cook and serve food in a food service area43

Unit 309 Prepare and serve wines 45

Unit 310 Prepare and serve alcoholic and cold non-alcoholic beverages 48

Unit 311 Provide advice to customers on food and beverage matching 52

Unit 313 Supervise hospitality events 54

Unit 314 Prepare and serve cocktails

The College will work with local employers who will contribute to the knowledge and delivery of training. Employers will provide demonstrations and talks on the industry and where possible work placements will be encouraged to develop learners skills in this area.

There will be a requirement to purchase a uniform which will be further explained at interview.

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