GCSE English Literature

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GCSE English Literature will benefit students looking to study English at A Level, or wishing to improve on their existing grade. The course is book intensive, we recommend you enjoy reading to benefit fully.

The course consists of two exams:

• Paper 1: Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel

• Paper 2: Modern texts and Poetry

We will be studying Macbeth as the Shakespeare text and Frankenstein by Mary Shelley for the 19th Century novel. For the Modern texts we will be studying the selection of short stories from the AQA Telling Tales Anthology and poems from the Love and Relationships AQA Poetry Anthology.

We offer a range of varied and interesting approaches to the subject and will include visits and trips focused on the topics studied. Literature provides students with the opportunity to develop analytical and critical thinking skills, which will benefit your study in other areas. We provide support for study skills if needed. The Literature compliments other subjects studied at GCSE and A level including: Sociology, History, and Media Studies to name a few.

We look forward to students joining the course and hope to see you next term!

If you are 16-18 this GCSE will be one of five you will choose to make up a full time programme of study. You will study for a total of 15 hours per week plus one hour per week tutorial. You will be required to do Maths and English Language as two of your five GCSEs unless you already have these qualifications and grade C or above. Please note that you may be required to re-sit your Maths and / or English Language as one of your five if you require higher than a grade C for your progression onto A Level.

For people wanting to study in the evening, a full cost course is offered.