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The new AQA GCSE Geography course is designed to give you a wide range of skills and a depth of understanding in numerous different aspects of the human and physical world, which is why it is a great option both for students wishing to continue to A-Level study or go into the world of work. Put simply, if you are interested in the world around you, then Geography is a subject you should be considering.

The course allows you to:

• Build your knowledge and understanding of the world around you

• Develop fieldwork skills in both urban and physical landscapes

• Have a say in your studies, as you decide certain elements of the course

• Study some of the greatest challenges around the world, from poverty to climate change

• Progress to A-Level or employment

The first half of the year of study covers three Physical Geography topics: Natural Hazards, the Living World and Physical Landscapes of the UK. Alongside these units, you will also complete at least one day of fieldwork in a Physical Geography environment and gain wider geographical skills.

The second half of the year of study covers three Human Geography topics: Urban Issues and Challenges, the Changing Economic World and Resource Management. Alongside these units, you will also complete another day of fieldwork in a Human Geography environment and prepare for the Paper 3 exam which is a shorter exam based on pre-released material – the topic of which changes year to year (this year is looking at Water Management in the UK).

In May/June, you then sit three exams – one on the three Physical units, the second on the three Human units, and one on the pre-released paper. The first two exams are worth 35% of your overall mark each and are 90-minute exams, and Paper 3 is worth 30% and lasts 75 minutes.

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