GCSE Maths

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This is a one year course covering the two year GCSE maths syllabus. It offers a comprehensive introduction to Maths as well as providing the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification. You will study 3 modules, each of which has a written exam at the end of the course.

• Statistics and Probability – a calculator exam in May (30%)

• Number, Algebra and Geometry 1 – a non-calculator exam in June (30%)

• Number, Algebra and Geometry 2 – a calculator exam in June (40%)

If you are 16-18, this GCSE will be one of five you will choose to make up a full time programme of study. You will study for a total of 15 hours per week plus a one hour tutorial per week. You will be required to study Maths and English Language as two of your five GCSEs unless you already have these qualifications at grade C or above. Please note that you may be able to re-sit your Maths and /or English Language as one of your five, if you require higher than a grade C for your progression onto A Level and you are considered to be a suitable candidate.

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