GCSE Physics

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GCSE Physics is a fantastic course that covers a wide range of topics which are key to our modern day lives. Students learn about fundamental ideas in physics, how these are relevant to our world and the impact they have. For example, students are challenged to think about how we are using energy as a society, and how we might develop a sustainable energy policy for the future. A major focus both at the beginning of the course and towards the end is our place in the solar system and the wider universe, the aim being to provide students with an appreciation of vast scale of the space.

If you are 16-18, this GCSE will be one of five you will choose to make up a full time programme of study. You will study for a total of 15 hours per week plus one hour per week tutorial. You will be required to do Maths and English Language as two of your five GCSEs unless you already have these qualifications and grade C or above. Please note that you may be required to re-sit your Maths and / or English Language as one of your five if you require higher than a grade C for your progression onto A Level.

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