Interpreting Skills Certificate Level 2 (Short Course)

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This course is an extended Level 2 course which includes parts of the Level 1 course at the beginning. It is suitable for people with no interpreting experience at all or some limited experience.

The course includes: • Basic interpreting techniques • Code of practice • Specific language fields such as law, health and benefits • Role play and practical work • Employment opportunities

The course assessment has three components:

• A recorded oral role play (externally assessed)

• Assessment questions covering the course contents

• A report based on interpreting work experience

How to apply:

You can make an initial application online at You will be then be placed on a list for the next available course. Depending on when you apply you may wait several months for the next available course – your application will be rolled over to the next start date.

Enquiries can be made to: or 0151 252 3046.

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