Journey to GCSE

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The Level 1 GCSE Progression is a great way to start your career. It enables you to develop the skills and confidence to progress in college and into work. You will develop a wide range of skills in your chosen subject area as well as gaining qualifications in English, Maths and ICT.

The course offers you the opportunity to study a range of science subjects. If you didn’t get the grades you wanted and are undecided which path to choose, then this course can open up the area of science for you and help your progress through the other levels of training offered within science. You will be assessed for your English and maths and work at the level that’s right for you.

Subjects you will study include:

• English

• Maths


• Science

These can be studied alongside some GCSEs or used to prepare for GCSEs or vocational programmes. You will have a personal tutor and a weekly tutorial.

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