Media, Broadcast and Journalism, Level 3

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This course is the perfect first step towards a career in one of the most exciting industries there is – the media. If you dream of working in TV, being a film director or writing the news, then this is the course for you. Liverpool’s only integrated media course at a large city centre college campus, this is the perfect alternative to A-levels. As well as a full study programme, you will also have the opportunity to undertake relevant work experience for media outlets across Merseyside.

Led by a team of former media professionals, this programme is designed to introduce learners to the fast-faced environment of print, online and broadcast journalism and the media sector. You will learn by investigating the world of media and completing projects and assignments based on realistic workplace situations. Successful completion of the course will give you the opportunity to progress to a related higher education course, or a career in the creative media sector in a wide variety of job roles.

This is a unique media course which encompasses broadcast and journalism and includes a variety of news production methods found in the modern multi-media newsroom. So if you want to be a director or filmmaker, an editor or journalist look no further. You will write and create live news, writing scripts for broadcast, and using radio skills to create podcasts. By the end of the course you will know how to source, edit and produce digital content and write features on current issues. Modules in the first year include creating your own digital magazine, making a film and launching a media campaign. In the second year our students learn all about digital photography and even make a TV documentary.

You will learn how to improve your writing style, how to conduct interviews and how to improve your chance of making it in this competitive industry. You will go out filming and learn how to shoot video on our industry-standard cameras and edit your footage using the latest software. You will learn to use all the tools needed – from editing images in Photoshop to going live on YouTube.

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