Travel & Tourism Level 1 Diploma

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The BTEC Level 1 Diploma in Travel and Tourism programme is a great way to start your career. It enables you to develop the skills and confidence to progress in college and into work. You will develop a wide range of skills in your chosen subject area as well as gaining qualifications in English, maths and ICT.

The BTEC Level 1 Diploma in Travel and Tourism offers you the opportunity to study a range of Travel and Tourisms skills. If you are undecided which path to choose, then this course can open up the area of Travel and Tourism for you and help your progress through the other levels of training offered within Travel and Tourism. You will be assessed for your English and maths and work at the level that’s right for you.

You will develop the following skills:

1. Map and geography skills

2. Customer service skills

3. Ability to research a range of holidays to suit different customers’ needs

4. Confidence and competence in your personal presentation and speaking skills

5. Employability skills such as CV creation, interview and work placement opportunities

6. Build on your value added learning experience

7. Opportunity to participate in a variety of trips looking at Travel and Tourism

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