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Chemistry or Biology

Chemists are the people who transform the ordinary materials around us into remarkable things. Biologists master living organisms, often in the context of their environment.

Chemistry is sometimes is called the "central science" because it connects other sciences to each other, such as biology, physics, geology and environmental science. This mean a chemists work is truly varied, as some work on cures for diseases while others monitor the environment. Some use it to cook, while others discover new textiles to be used in the latest fashions.

Do you want to master A Level Human Biology?

Choose Human biology and join the Game of Humans. Through a series of online videos and quizzes you will gain and test your own subject knowledge at your own pace, ensuring that you master each topic before moving on. This knowledge will be tested in class by answering more complex and searching questions, developing your practical skills and thinking, you will also work with others through demanding and challenging activities. Starting at level 1, you will learn and develop your skills, complete objectives and earn experience points - allowing you to level up and evolve. You will start out as a human ancestor species, and your ultimate goal is to eventually evolve into Homo sapiens (us)! Levelling up will also earn you perks and further challenges.

Below are popular combinations of subjects our students usually take to carve out their careers, with these subjects as their 'lead'. Don't forget you can always make your own bundle if you don't see something that fits you.

Click on a 'lead' subject and browse from our bundles filled with other courses that compliment your choice. You should pick no more than four AS or full A Levels in any bundle.

What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

"College is much more flexible which suited me well. It also had a wider range of courses available to study than my school sixth form."

Liam Roberts successfully achieved A*, A, A. Liam progressed onto the University of Greenwich.

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