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3D Character for Games,

BA (Hons)

The BA (Hons) in 3D Character for Games utilises a range of specialist modules. Contextual and critical studies will inform and underpin your design development and design principles. Professional modules will enable you to develop your time management and organisational skills in character creation, development, sculpting and digital illustration. The Degree is focused on skills and portfolio creation to prepare you for employment or self employment.

The early stages of the programme will embed practical skills in character design, illustration, animation and analytical skills into the delivery strategy with theoretical exploration underpinning all technical elements. Preparing you for the self directed Final Project in the third year. As it is anticipated that a large proportion of graduating students will obtain work in the freelance or self-employment areas, there will be a strong emphasis on supporting business and professional skills through the entrepreneur society. You will gain first-hand experience of what it takes to design successful game characters, illustrations and graduate with a portfolio demonstrating your technical skill and creative talent.

Skills and knowledge developed: The programme covers character design, digital illustration, graphic novels, animation, sculpting, live briefs, texturing, and games production. It provides a broad study of character art and illustration, with an emphasis on innovation, design and creativity rather than the programming and technical aspects. The focus is employment and marketplace driven projects, with regular critique sessions with your peers and members of the games team. In addition, our staff include industry experts who know exactly what is required for a career in games and illustration industries. Our facilities include dedicated games rooms including i7 PCs installed with current games development environments, state-of-the-art 3D graphics cards, Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk Maya, and Mudbox. Ensuring you have access to the tools you need to create a high quality portfolio of work ready to impress potential employers.

Teaching methods: The knowledge and skills acquired on the programme will link directly to the vocational context and will diversify into a range of skills required by the gaming and illustration industries. These will include (but are not exclusive to) 3D sculpting and character design, book illustration, character animation and business/enterprise competence. Teaching and learning methods will include formal lectures and seminars which will underpin the creative and technical practical workshop style sessions with relevant historical and cultural reference. Practical modules will take place in the studio environment with tutor support and guidance and extra independent learning sessions will be timetabled to allow access to the specialist equipment and resources. The course also incorporates a blended learning style with the use of the ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ and digital resources.

Assessment methods: The programme is assessed through the submission of written essays, blogs and a series of project based practical assessments, a final project and the submission of a dissertation. Formative feedback will support student progression in both written work and technical outcomes. Self and peer assessment in critique situations will be an essential element of all projects and the feedback from these will enhance student achievement and progression. The programme allows 120 credits comprising of 6 modules per year for the first two years and 5 modules in the final year.

Course validated by The Open University.

This programme will produce graduates skilled in a broad range of specialist areas, progression will be through direct entry into the industry or through further study at post graduate level.

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This programme will produce graduates skilled in a broad range of specialist areas, progression will be through direct entry into the industry or through further study at post graduate level.


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What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

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