College apprentices take part in BBC film about Liverpool's boating history


APPRENTICES from The City of Liverpool College have taken part in a TV show about the history of sailing on the River Mersey.

A crew from the BBC filmed the students during their work to restore a Lancashire Nobby boat - originally called a Morecambe Bay Prawner - at the College’s Vauxhall Road campus.

Restoration of the Mystery II, which was built in 1911, will be carried out by Carpentry and Joinery students working alongside skilled traditional boat builders, who use different types of material and traditional jointing methods used in the industry for over a hundred years.

The college’s Mechanics students will also work on restoring and rebuilding the engine, with Fabrication and Welding students working on the task to replace the boat’s age old iron work. Once their work is complete, Painting and Decorating students will apply preserve and final finish to the project, to restore the vessel to its former floating glory.

Their work will feature as part of a new six-part documentary by the BBC called Britain Afloat about the social history of Britain and the industries that helped to shape it through its ties with the sea.

The College was chosen to restore the vessel by the Nobby Owners Association, not only for the highly skilled students and staff - renowned in the engineering and construction industries for delivering outstanding work - but also for the excellent purpose built facilities at the College’s Vauxhall Road campus.


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