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Business & Economics

Business and Economics aim to give an insight into key issues in the news affecting everyday life. 

They are increasingly important subjects as most organisations now need to think about the changing economic climate and the best way to operate in these conditions. These subjects takes you into examining individual markets for goods and services – and the factors affecting these markets – and also Macroeconomic issues, through interesting case studies and examples. The subject sits well with Business Studies, Maths, and Law, particularly if you wish focus on related subjects in the world of business or Economics itself at university.

Below are popular combinations of subjects our students usually take to carve out their careers, with these subjects as their 'lead'. Don't forget you can always make your own bundle if you don't see something that fits you.

Click on a 'lead' subject and browse from our bundles filled with other courses that compliment your choice. You should pick no more than four AS or full A Levels in any bundle.

What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

What's on offer at The City of Liverpool College

"College is much more flexible which suited me well. It also had a wider range of courses available to study than my school sixth form."

Liam Roberts successfully achieved A*, A, A. Liam progressed onto the University of Greenwich.

Course Bundles - For ages 16 - 18

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If you cannot find a bundle with the courses you'd like you could always make your own bundle.

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Course bundles are designed for 16 - 18 year olds only.

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