Clarriots Care- Apprentice Home Carer

Salary: £227.50 per week
Hours: Full Time
Closing Date: 17-Aug-2018

Employer Name -  Clarriots Care

Employer Address & Postcode:

Clarriots Care
Unit 27
Meridian Business Village
Hansby Drive
L24 9LG

Hours of work: 35hrs per week shifts will be between approximately 7.00am and 10.30pm

Salary: £6.50 per hour

Please note that candidates must be 18 or over to apply for this position due to insurance purposes



Employer Description:

Our aims at Clarriots Care (Liverpool) are to provide individuals with quality support, maximising their life potential, and allowing them to live independently and living purposefully in their own home; preventing them from admission to a long-term care home or hospital.


Job Description:


As an Apprentice Home Carer you will be provided with the training required to carry out the following duties;




¨      Assist with the activities of daily living and personal care including:

- bathing                        

- shaving                          

- mouth care                  

- dressing                          

- hair care                      

- feeding                            

- nail care                        

- positioning                      

- reminding                      

- skin care                        

- transferring                      

- vital signs and Blood Pressure

     - ambulation

     - exercise

     - toileting

     - medication


¨      Ensure client’s safety and security by supervising the home environment.

¨      Perform meal planning and preparation, routine housekeeping activities such as making/changing beds, dusting, vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning kitchen and bathroom, and laundry.

¨      Provide companionship including social interactions, conversations, emotional reassurance and encouragement of activities that stimulate the mind.

¨      Talk, listen, share experiences, play games/cards, read to client etc.

¨      Accompany clients to recreational and/or social events.

¨      Assist with plans for visits and outings.

¨      Help keep clients in contact with family, friends and the outside world.

¨      Provides respite care for families in accordance with care plans.

¨      Perform/assist with essential shopping/errands, which may include handling the client’s money in accordance with the care plan and under the observation of the Registered Manager.

¨      Assist clients with following a written, special diet plan and reinforcement of diet maintenance, which is provided under the direction of a Physician and as identified on the care plan.

¨      Escort clients to medical facilities, errands, shopping and outings as specified in the care plan.

¨      Assist clients with communication by writing or typing correspondence for them or researching information for them.

¨      Participate on the Care Team by providing input and making suggestions.

¨      Ensure service is delivered in accordance with all relevant policies, procedures and practices.

¨      Monitor supplies and resources.

¨      Evaluate the program and make recommendations to it, as indicated.

¨      Follow the written care plan.

¨      Carry out duties as assigned by the Area coordinator and Registered Manager.

¨      Observe clients and their environments and report unsafe conditions to Registered Manager.

¨      Observe clients and their environments and reports behaviour, physical and/or cognitive changes and/or changes in living arrangements to Registered Manager.

¨      Complete and maintain records of daily activities, observations, and direct hours of service.

¨      Attend induction, in-house training sessions and staff meetings as and when required in adherence to current law and legislation.

¨      Develop and maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with others.

¨      Make decisions and solve problems.

¨      Communicate with Area coordinator, Registered Manager and co-workers.

¨      Observe, receive and obtain information from relevant sources.

¨      Performs other duties as required.


Skills/ Qualifications required


¨      The ability to competently assist clients with their activities of daily living.

¨      The ability to be aware of other people’s reactions and understanding why they react as they do.

¨      The ability to establish and maintain relationships.

¨      The ability to teach others.

¨      The ability to listen actively, and understand the spoken word.

¨      The ability to identify problems and determine effective solutions.

¨      The ability to apply reason and logic to identify strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions.

¨      The ability to monitor and assess themselves, clients and effectiveness of service.

¨      The ability to understand written and oral instructions.

¨      The ability to communicate information orally so others understand.

¨      The ability to communicate in writing so others understand.

¨      The ability to work independently and in cooperation with others.

¨      The ability to determine or recognise when something is likely to go wrong.

¨      The ability to perform activities that use the whole body.

¨      The ability to handle and move objects and people.

¨      The ability to observe and recognise changes in clients.

¨      The ability to establish and maintain harmonious relations with clients/families/co-workers.


Physical and Mental Demands:


¨      Good physical and mental health.

¨      Physical ability to stand, walk, use hands and fingers, reach, stoop, kneel, crouch, talk, hear and see.

¨      Mental fortitude and stability to handle stress.




  • Basic Literacy and Numeracy skills
  • Current driver’s licence preferred but not essential.
  • Proper Vehicle Insurance Coverage as appropriate



ü  Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity

ü  Demonstrate sound work ethics

ü  Be consistent and fair

ü  Be compassionate and understanding

ü  Be flexible, adaptable and able to work effectively in a variety of settings

ü  Respect cultural differences

ü  Work effectively as a member of a team

ü  Punctual and reliable


Reality Check

Due to ever changing work loads, the minimum is 20 hours per week but an average of 30 hours per week.


Please note that candidates must be 18 or over to apply for this position due to insurance purposes


to apply for this position please email an up to date CV to  stating which role you are applying for.

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