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Financial Studies — Certificate (CertFS)

Course information

As an Applied General qualification, the Certificate in Financial Studies (CEFS) is a comprehensive introduction to personal finance. It develops the knowledge and skills required for young people to make informed financial decisions by introducing them to the risks and challenges involved in personal finance and to tools for effective planning. Through developing core skills of critical analysis and evaluation, synthesis, and written communication, (CEFS) provides a foundation for further study in business and finance-related disciplines, as well as a wide range of other fields.

Key content areas
• importance of financial capability for immediate, short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial needs.
• financial services and products, including sources of help and advice.
• borrowing, budgeting, financial planning and cash flow.
• the impact of external influences at different stages in the personal life cycle; and
• risk and reward in managing personal finance.

Key skills developed
The qualification will encourage students to:
• analyse financial information, financial services products and services and begin to make judgements about suitability for people in different circumstances.
• understand financial concepts and terminology.
• analyse, synthesise, evaluate, and reflect.
• demonstrate numeracy skills including the ability to manipulate financial and other numerical data.
• select appropriate data and information to make arguments.
• structure and communicate ideas logically and coherently; and
• increase their ability to work and learn independently.
This qualification can be taken as part of a combined A level program which makes this unique to the City of Liverpool College.


Certificate in Financial Studies (CertFS) (equivalent to half an A Level)

This course leads to...

The skills and knowledge developed in CEFS can be extended by taking two further units to form the Diploma in Financial Studies, or by other options for Further or Higher Education study. The financially related content of this qualification provides a foundation for continued study within finance and business-related disciplines, with many students going on to study subjects such as accounting, business, finance, and banking at Higher Education Institutions or through further vocational training. The transferable skills developed are also valuable for further study in unrelated disciplines and the financial capability content and skills support students in making informed decisions about the value of personal, employment and study options and budgeting whilst studying. This qualification carries up to 70 UCAS points and our website provides further detail about Higher Education support.

Entry Requirements

You must be eligible to study A Levels or the Level 3 Business Diploma or Extended Diploma courses.

Why study with us?

You will study IFS with a highly experienced team who will ensure you are learning skills that are essential to life, business and your future careers. You will have hands on experience of business and will have opportunities to collaborate with students on a wide range of courses including business, maths and accountancy. You will also experience work experience and have access to support to help launch your own businesses, gain professional industry experience and make use of the City Centre opportunities for business and economy.
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Further Information...

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Course ID: 163150

Course Year: 21/22

Course Duration: 1 Year


If you are 16-18 years old at the start of your course, studying at The City of Liverpool College is free. If you are aged between 19-23 and don’t have 2 A-Levels (or equivalent), you won't have to pay any fees for this course.

24 years old or over or 19-23 and have 2 A-Levels (or equivalent) at the start of the course, fees are payable by all students unless sponsored by an employer.

Fee for21/22 is 500.00
In future years this fee may be subject to change.

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