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Humanities Pathway — GCSE Programme

Course information

GCSE History is not only a fascinating subject, but also a thought provoking one too. During the academic year you will study history from three eras: Medieval (500-1500), Early modern (1450-1750) and Modern (1700-Present Day). These eras will be across three timescales: short (depth study), Medium (period study) and long (thematic study). Finally the course will cover three geographical contexts: A locality (the historic environment), British, and European and/or the wider world setting.

The new AQA GCSE Geography course is designed to give you a wide range of skills and a depth of understanding in numerous different aspects of the human and physical world, which is why it is a great option both for students wishing to continue to A-Level study or go into the world of work. Put simply, if you are interested in the world around you, then Geography is a subject you should be considering.
The course allows you to:
• Build your knowledge and understanding of the world around you
• Develop fieldwork skills in both urban and physical landscapes
• Have a say in your studies, as you decide certain elements of the course
• Study some of the greatest challenges around the world, from poverty to climate change
• Progress to A-Level or employment
The first half of the year of study covers three Physical Geography topics: Natural Hazards, the Living World and Physical Landscapes of the UK. Alongside these units, you will also complete at least one day of fieldwork in a Physical Geography environment and gain wider geographical skills.
The second half of the year of study covers three Human Geography topics: Urban Issues and Challenges, the Changing Economic World and Resource Management. Alongside these units, you will also complete another day of fieldwork in a Human Geography environment and prepare for the Paper 3 exam which is a shorter exam based on pre-released material – the topic of which changes year to year (this year is looking at Water Management in the UK).
In May/June, you then sit three exams – one on the three Physical units, the second on the three Human units, and one on the pre-released paper. The first two exams are worth 35% of your overall mark each and are 90-minute exams, and Paper 3 is worth 30% and lasts 75 minutes.


GCSE History
GCSE Geography
GCSE Mathematics
GCSE English

This course leads to...

GCSE History helps you to study different aspects of the past, so you can engage with key issues such as conflict, understand what drives change and how the past influences the present It can also lead to more advanced study of each of the sciences at A level and then onto university.
This GCSE can get you on your way to careers in History, teaching, research, museum curating and much more!

Achieving a GCSE in Geography will open opportunities for you to progress on A Levels and to continue studying Geography at an advanced level. Many students who enjoy and are successful in Geography progress to university to study courses that focus on the World, Earth, global issues and population growth.
This subject can equip you with the knowledge and experience you need to pursue careers in Geography and with the environment - in fact these careers are very much in popular demand at the moment so GCSE Geography could be the start of a very successful future.

Entry Requirements

You will need to have 2 Grade 4s or a level 1 equivalent qualification in a relevant subject.

All students aged 16-18 without GCSE English and maths at 4 or above will work towards these qualifications while on their course.

Why study with us?

Study GCSE History here with us, and you will receive support in your studies and the opportunities to have hands on experience with plenty of trips and days out. Our students visit local places of interest such as the Slave museum, Liverpool museums, Manchester institutes and they travel abroad to places such as Krakow to see history for themselves.

During your time studying GCSE Geography, you will develop and refine your skills in research, field trip data gathering, working on multiple sites to conduct investigating. These are skills that are crucial for progressing to university and students who study here have travelled locally and abroad to conduct field studies and enjoy a very hands on experience!
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Further Information...

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Course ID: 163977

Course Year: 21/22

Course Duration: 1 Year


This course is only available to learners aged 16-18 at the start of the course and is free.

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