Careers Strategy – City of Liverpool College

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Careers Strategy – City of Liverpool College    

A Strategy for Careers Education and Information, Advice & Guidance

September 2018

Young people need high quality careers guidance to inspire them in their career choices.  Access to impartial careers education and guidance enables young people to make informed decisions and help them to progress to a successful working life.

The City of Liverpool College delivers Matrix accredited impartial careers education, information and advice & guidance (CEIAG), and by working with cross college teams and curriculum, it will implement the Gatsby Benchmarks to further enhance this. The Careers Leader is Dr Katie Spall (Assistant Principal – Student Progress), who sits on the Strategic Leadership Team of the College.

Careers information, advice and guidance is available to students before and during their studies, as well as to former students. A careers adviser will be available for advice and guidance at main college events such as open evenings and during enrolment.  All students have access to high quality CEIAG from experienced staff to enable them to achieve their aims by understanding the options available to them and encouraging them to make informed decisions.

Advice and guidance is responsive and flexible and is offered through guidance appointments, a drop-in service, email and by telephone. CEIAG will be promoted at key times of the year to enhance support at crucial stages in a student’s time at college.

The Careers Advice and Guidance Team attend a wide range of external events forging links with schools, training and education companies, statutory agencies and partners.

The college organises a range of activities, events and workshops to help students achieve, including UCAS support, CV workshops, practice interviews and HE events – the full careers activity programme is available HERE. Young people also have access to relevant work experience activities and the opportunity to develop their employability skills.

A referral process is in place, between course teams and the careers team, for those at risk of being withdrawn from their college course, in order to aid retention.  The college works with other providers to reduce instances of NEET, operating an appropriate referral process.

Students also have access to a number of careers resources such as Career Coach, eCLIPS and the National Careers Service, for current and relevant labour market information.

The eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance are:

  1.         A stable careers programme
    2.     Learning from career and labour market information
    3.     Addressing the needs of each learner
    4.     Linking curriculum learning to careers
    5.     Encounters with employers and employees
    6.     Experiences of workplaces
    7.     Encounters with further and higher education
    8.     Personal guidance