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The City of Liverpool College has a statutory and moral duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and will provide a safe environment in which they can learn.
‘Welfare of the child is paramount’ Children Act 1989 
  • The College is committed to the wellbeing and development of all its students. The College recognises its contribution and duties towards safeguarding all of its students, especially those who are vulnerable
  • The College acknowledges that promoting safeguarding is the responsibility of all our staff and accepts that abuse of children and vulnerable adults does occur
  • The College believes that all children and vulnerable adults should have equality in the services they receive and be able to do so in an environment that is safe, secure and nurturing
  • The college has a Designated Safeguarding Lead who is responsible for the safeguarding of all children and vulnerable adults
  • Every student has an ID fob with the college’s Safeguarding telephone number and are encouraged to speak to a tutor or to telephone the safeguarding team if they feel they ‘may be in danger of abuse or harm’
  • All college staff are trained to identify children or vulnerable adults who are suffering, or are likely to suffer significant harm
  • All staff report all causes of concern to the Safeguarding Team immediately and follow up using a standard proforma
  • The Safeguarding team will take appropriate action to see that such children and vulnerable adults are kept safe, including referral to external agencies; e.g. Children’s Services, Adult Services and/or the Police where this is deemed appropriate; i.e. when there are concerns that a child or vulnerable adult may be at risk of significant harm
  • The Designated Safeguarding Leads liaise with the appropriate key partners and develop collaborative working practices which facilitate and promote the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults both within the College and within the wider community
  • The College will offer supervision to staff to help them support students who are the victims of abuse
  • All staff receive mandatory safeguarding training covering current policies and procedures
  • Staff training is regularly updated and rolled out across college to take account of new legislation; e.g. the Prevent duty – part of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015
  • All teaching staff have current CRB or DBS clearance.