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Our Facilities

The Expressive Arts and Media Academy boasts first-rate specialist facilities, including dedicated dance, acting, music, studios and media suites.

Our recently refurbished multi-purpose venue has been kitted out with the latest equipment including state of the art sound systems and lighting, a TV Gallery with 4k cameras, plus an acoustically treated recording studio fitted with the latest recording equipment.

All of our equipment and software have been carefully selected to reflect what you will encounter in the professional world. Through inspirational study programmes, you’ll gain real-world skills, and industry knowledge, ready to set you on the road to the career you’ve always dreamed of.

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Learn from the Best

Our highly qualified tutors have a wealth of experience in Expressive Arts and Media. – They’re industry specialists and passionate about what they do, meaning that you’ll be learning from the best in the business, tutors with real industry experience and connections.

As well as this, guest lectures and workshops with leading professionals in their field will inspire you to think beyond the studio spaces and feed your ambition. As well as the confidence needed to succeed in the industry, you’ll gain invaluable leadership and communication skills, which are vital for your future career.

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The Expressive Arts and Media Academy has developed a wide range of partnerships with sector leaders over the years.

Through collaboration with industry, we make sure our programmes are in tune with technological advances, so that our students are well placed to either enter the workforce or move on to higher level study. These partnerships and collaborations also provide our learners with meaningful industry work placements relevant to their chosen career path, as well as a positive learning experience.

Our industry partners and collaborators include:

St Luke’s
Adlib Audio
Royal Court
Set Ready in conjunction with the Liverpool Film Office
Sound City
Modern Sky
Yesternight Productions
Community Dance Groups

Plus, many industry freelancers!

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Don't take our word for it

Former students of the Academy have a lot to say about what makes The City of Liverpool College a great place to learn…

Louise Ryder

I went to College expecting to train as an actor (and I did!) but what I gained was so much more. Whilst studying, I discovered my passion was actually in producing and my tutors went above and beyond to support me in producing my first shows whilst I was in college.

From there I studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama, then went on to work on Billy Elliot and Matilda The Musical in the West End and I managed shows on tour with Cirque du Soleil.

I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without the foundations that I built in College and I'm forever grateful to the training I received there.

Michelle Sakim

Graduated with a 1st Class Honors BA Music Production. Michelle studied from L1 - L6 with us.

Studying at Liverpool City College both in further and higher education has given me great insight in to how the Music industry operates. Lead and supported throughout the whole process by tutors who have many years of experience who are Music industry professionals in areas such as music production (performance), sound and audio engineering. Enabling me to gain a First-Class degree with honours in Music Production.

Although I am no longer a student I would like to thank Rebecca Gooch (Head of Expressive Arts and Media) for supporting myself and ‘The Windows Project’ by giving us access to the Arts centre high tech facilities and for the support needed to facilitate and deliver our creative writing workshops to the highest of standards.

Carly Fisher

Level 2 and 3 (extended) theatre tech and stage management course.

Since I started at COLC (Arts Centre Building) I haven’t wanted to leave. The tutors and theatre technicians of G2 are some of the most friendly and supportive individuals you could ever meet. I began nervous and unsure of the course but was made to feel a part of the ‘theatre family’ in weeks.

I gained many skills and experiences throughout the level 2 and 3 (extended) theatre tech and stage management course. I worked on both internal and external events. I discovered my love of Set Design, prop making and sound tech along the way. Upon completing my level 3 extended diploma I travelled with Loft Theatre to Sweden and Finland to tech their production ‘Momo’ at the Fringe Festivals (which we won!). I have also worked with ZI UK (Zombie Infection UK) as a both scare actor and SFX Artist in various cities across the UK for the past 2 years. I recently began working with City Theatre for the last 6 months as Production Manager and Director.

Now on the level 4 Professional Practice in Production I am taking part in a work placement at the Royal Court as part of their team creating and building sets/props to be sent to other theatres in the UK. I have already taken part in events, such as DSM for the John Haynes Foundation Launch at the Hilton Hotel as well as operating projections and installing lighting for the 10TH NAVAJO Annual Award Ceremony for Merseyside and Cheshire 2021 in the G2 theatre. I am looking forward to working with the Bombed Out Church to create and operate an installation piece for my final unit. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to work in the theatre and events industry. This course has been invaluable to me both personally and professionally.

Lyndsay Price

BTEC Acting

City of Liverpool College truly shaped me as an artist. I left my school at 16, I was incredibly young for my age and lacking in confidence. It’s such a crucial age, so to have tutors around you who believe in you and genuinely want to see you do well makes all the difference. At that age, I needed to be pushed and I also needed to be inspired.

For me, college really mimicked what a professional experience would be in the outside world. The quality of the shows we would create, the links to outside organisations and the fact that many tutors were industry professionals ensured this. As a student, I felt inspired each day, which is something not everyone gets to say.

I had the choice to stay on at my schools 6th form, or to go to City of Liverpool college and pursue a BTEC in acting and I definitely made the right choice for me. By the time I went to uni, my understanding of the craft and level of professionalism was really at a high.

I owe a lot of my confidence and success as an artist to my time here.

Jakob Solarek

Music Performance

Music is arts. Music is science. Music is great.

If you have wondered whether music career is for you and you have taken some steps toward fulfilling your dream, you are in a great place.

Pursuing music, arts or performance career pathways may be a great experience, full of rewarding moments and adventures. Within The City of Liverpool College, you will be able to meet extraordinary professionals. I know this because I have been lucky enough to meet them.

In The City of Liverpool College, I have learned and developed an essential knowledge and skills in order to be successful within highly competitive industry. The expertise of specialists working within the walls of the Arts Centre leaves me with no doubts – you are in very good place to start your endeavours.

Friendly, experienced, and actively working within the industry, staff will provide you with excellent, up to date knowledge and advice. Therefore, don’t limit yourself, follow your dream and I’m sure that one day when you look back, you won’t regret this decision. The experience I have acquired on the course helped me with my everyday duties as a musician. The connection links you can gain here will pay you back in the future. You will come across opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise. I have played at distinctive, local festivals with my fellow musicians as well as travelled abroad to perform.

At the College you can always ask your tutors if you don’t know something. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Foolishly is not to ask something if you have a query.

Following the words of one of my music mentors: “Your reputation starts at College”.

Therefore, use your chance, do your best, expand yourselves and be brave to follow your dreams. It is worthwhile. The College’s team will definitely enable you to achieve your goals.

Liam Higgins

Music Performance and Popular Music

Having spent 6 years at LCC, I studied at level 2,3 and 4 music (performance and popular music studies) under the guidance of this establishment. Having achieved an eventual 2.1 degree, I cannot recommend the college in higher regard to the young or mature student seeking to embark or re-embark on their academic journey.

The Facilities in and around the Arts Centre, whether the Clarence Street campus or the LEX, offer a range of support for all students in all learning pathways. The situation of the college leaves it great for public transport access, and the local amenities range from bookshops to bars to cafes and even health and recreation centres!

Staff are approachable and well versed in their individual disciplines and offer guidance and support equally, to all those seeking to better themselves or career prospects. Most of the people who teach at the college either have in the past or are currently working within the fields they teach. This means that when it comes to industrial application and practice, they are well placed to give effective and concise guidance when called upon.

I had an enjoyable and enlightening experience at The City of Liverpool College, so much so that I encouraged my niece to attend this year.

Meet Rebecca Gooch – Head of Media & Performing Arts


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